Thursday, May 31, 2012

Southcon 2012

Well in about an hour i'm off to Southcon with a few friends, this will be my fifth year now and it's a great weekend away gaming buying the odd thing and selling the odd thing, when i get back i'll put up a few pictures of where i'm at with my work, oh and the stuff turned up from maelstrom games so i have final put the last touches to the aventine figures just need a nice day to take some nice pictures. Now all i'm waiting on is the figures from Gripping beast. it's been a month since the order but i hope to see them in a few weeks, then i can start work on the main body of my Carthagian army and of course work out what i forgot to order, i already realised that i have no commanders in the order and no numibian light cav and i think i might like a few numibian elephants as well. oh no already i can see the dollars disappearing in the past two months this army has cost me $1000 and rising. you've just got to smile don't you. Well have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Never, never add up the cost of this hobby as down that path lies madness.

    For those of us who are married, it also provides documentable proof of what we've been up to and no good can come of that!