Thursday, August 19, 2010

2nd Macedonian pike block test sheilds, not quite right but getting there

doing these stars is not as easy as it looks in these shields i left a small amount of darker shade behind the middle, but think that i will make it all white, i've done a base coat of mid stone on top of the brass so the white comes out better you vcan see the edge of this colour in the picture but you can 't see it with the natural eye. The one on the left is a bit better than the one on the right.

its a shame the pictures don't show how nice the linen has come out i'm really pleased with
 So far I've done the first coat of skin, brass with wash over top and first coat of linen and first circle on sheild, so the project is progressing well, still they need a lot of work yet.

 I've also doe the first coat of skin on the cav figures and two coats of three on 3 brown and 3 grey cav also first coats on 4 other brown horses these will be different colour brown than the first four i'm doing 2 black and 1 white horse as well. I think that i am on course to finish this commission by late next week

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