Sunday, August 15, 2010

AJ's Macedonian Test figure

Hi AJ here's a few shots of my test figure for the first pike block of 32 figures I've dulled down the red as you asked by using black red base red gore first highlight and a touch of blood red for the second highlight I've decided to paint the  sheilds as long as you like the look base coat bolt gun, wash devlin mud, edges with chaim mail then the star in mithril sliver then touched up agian with boltgun, skin is tallarn base then elf flesh highlight. white  has base coat Beige  germ cam the white finish .
If you want any changes let me know as i will start work on the figures tomorrow, I have already finished base coat on all 32 for the red and if your happy will do all the base coats in next two days.Email me at work.

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