Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ming DBA 15mm army finished

I've just finished the DBA army tonight and it's ready to base. I've been away on holiday in the Gold coast a week in the sun but now i'm ready to get some painting done.

I started these guys just before i left and wanted to get them done so Dave can field them in an up and coming competition.

Now for a few close ups
Light cavalry

the command cav has three figures in a lighter blue

then two stands of three in a brighter blue

two stands of artillery

Foot Command

I haven't put pictures in of the light infantry the bowmen and cross bowmen
because they are on the previous listing.
next is two base and then on to AJ's Macedonians


  1. OK, I really like the 'artillery'. Rockets are a favorite of mine.

  2. These look fantastic. I'll be honest. I don't know a lot about this timeframe. I recently watched a foreign Jet Li film (The Warlords). I must say something in the back of my head wants to start gaming in this era. :)

  3. They look good Kent.

    i look forward to seeing the final based versions.

    A very different technique to your earlier work.


  4. thanks guys they were fun to paint