Friday, August 27, 2010

28mm front rank Austrian commission

Ok so whats next on the painting table, well I've decided to start Dr Reg's 7yw Austrians they are 28mm Front rank figures and very nice figures i must add with very good detail which makes any painters life a lot easier.
This Job contains 2 Regiments of infantry 48 figures 1 regiment of Dragoons 12 figures, 1 Regiment of Cuirassiers 12 figures , 4 guns and crew plus 4 command figures.
 So i based the Dragoons and command figures last night hoping to undercoat them tonight so i could start painting tomorrow but my wife wanted to go shopping for furniture Ching ching there goes the dollars, and then out to the movies which i enjoyed but the figures will now have to wait till tomorrow for there undercoat. My plan is to have the dragoons finished by the end of the week we will see if everything goes to plan. I will try to do a stage by stage how i paint these fellows and post it later on. If you have any questions let me know i'm always willing to help those that want to improve their skill base.


  1. Wow, that lot is going to keep you busy for a while mate!!

  2. Hey Galpy, still more work huh? Here is my reply to you in duplicate from what you left on my blog...


    "Hey mate long time no see!!! yea I am doing fine, I have not painted much except for the Prussian commission that I am doing, that appears to be some what on going. Still no new camera as I don't want to buy one for the sake of having one when the one I want costs a little more so I am saving up for it. I am going to get an Olympus Pen or a Canon Digital Rebel of some sort. Also I have been looking for a new job like made not like I haven't been but I started looking outside of my field more and still no luck. Lastly I got called for jury duty at the local court so been doing that as well..."

  3. No worries, glad I could spread the illness(wink)! I hope you and your family are doing well. Oh yea I forgot I have been playing World of Warcraft again when I have time as my brother and his friends started playing again so there goes any of my spare time...LOL Anyway I will be painting more soon. Still first priority is finding work!!! I hate all this time off! I do not know what I will do when I retire.