Friday, April 30, 2010

How to paint 15mm Xyston Macedonions

Well the Guy this commission is for has asked me to post how i'm painting these guys and and what paints i'm using so here we go.
Undercoat the minature with flat black paint
All paints are either Citadel, games workshop or Vallejo

1. I start with the flesh base coat Citadel Tallarn flesh.
2. base coat dark prussian blue all areas to end up blue.
2. base coat khaki all linen areas
3. base coat either black red, Bubonic brown or reflective green on the waste belt depending on which final colour you are wanting.
4. base coat plumes medium sea grey
5. Now apply intense blue over the prussian blue make sure to cover nearly all the prussain blue the base caot is to make the second colour look brighter and instead of black showing through you get this nice blue.
6. highlight face with Elf flesh
7. coat the khaki with buff leaving only the egdes (where belts and shoulder pads meet)
8. highligh this area now with 50/50 buff and white mix use sparingly.
9 Now do a blue highlt using flat blue on raised areas or where the sun would glint off the helmet
10. Highlight for belt either blood red, golden yellow, medium olive. when you do this try to leave a small amount of the base coat in the middle of the belt,
11. highlt plumes with with leaving strands of the base coat to show through.
12. apply base coat to cross belt scalib and spear scrotched brown
13. now apply cathman brown to these areas. On the belt leave dark either side as you paint it.
on both the others make sure you still can sea some of the undercoat.
14. apply boltgun metal to the end of the spear.
15. apply shining gold to brim of helmet and greeves making sure you leave a small amount of black around the leather straps on the legs. paint those straps with calthan brown


  1. Wow - 15mm, Xyston sure have some well-detailed figures. They remind me of Foundry. Great painting too, of course, Dean

  2. Kent, Those are brilliant!!! Some of your best work yet that I have seen. Well done indeed!

  3. Thanks for that hope the client is as happy with these as you guys xyston a re such nice figures to paint.