Friday, March 12, 2010

Quatre Bras diorama stage 3

Well now it's time to start working out where I'm going to place the figures, or should i say a general idea I'm really happy with the way the figures have come up but now i realise i'll have to go shopping to find some new grasses.

 I just realised that i will need to get some help to get a great shot of these guys it's not as eassy when they are set out as i thought

As you can hopefully see the flags are finished

 might have to make sure that there is a defined corner to the
 front of the square looks abit rounded in theis picture

what do you think is there enough on the french side or should i add a few french dead?


  1. Dead frechs are always welcome! ;)

  2. Looking good Kent- can't wait to see the finished product


  3. I've just put three coats of blue on 300 figures today, need to get them finished this week if possible and i've got to work out how to do long rye grass that surrounded the square

  4. Looking great. You should take care to make sure both flags are going the same direction.

  5. Yes you are right i saw that after i posted the photos
    Cheers Kent