Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quatre Bras Diorama finished 15mm Napoleonics.

Quatre Bras June 16th 1815
This Diorama is bassed on the the 28th British regiment being charge by the 10th French cuirassiers
The 28th along with the royals with load shouts advanced into the midst oy the enemies cav. The ground ahead of them was sarming with lancers, chasseurs  and cuirassiers, advancing until the last possible moment, Picton suddenly formed sqaure. They were repeatedly charged and took frequent casualties from lancers each time the cavalry pulled back to reform artillery on the hills in front would open up on them causing many casualties. This diorama depictics the moment when Picton yells remember Eygpt and with load cheers they unleashed a tremendous volley hurling back the attacking cav in great disorder

The moment of impact

the command

Well i hope you've enjoyed this is much as i have they are really great Minatures these British are designed to fit with AB Minatures British which they do very well, I've just sold my British army and intend on starting it again using a mix of both Eureka British and AB British I'll let you know how it goes when i get to tackle it


  1. Beautiful. Your customer will be thrilled to own this.

  2. There is no customer i wish there was i did it tto show off the figures that Eureka minatures sent me

  3. Great work Kent!

    Can't wait to see it.


  4. Brilliant!!! I love this diorama! your client must surely be happy with this...

  5. there is no client i'm just working out how i might sell this