Wednesday, March 3, 2010

15mm Napoleonics

arshell Ney and his Generals

They're thinking of playing Lasalle at the club so i think there are 4 stands
which look better anyway so this will give me 14 Battalions of infantry now.
I'm not that happy with the paint job on these , I've worked out a new way of painting the blue and they look a whole heap better. Might have to start again

I really liked the look of the overcoats makes the
army look like they've fought a few battles already

 I haven't found out about basing for the artillery in Lasalle, i have six guns at present.

finally got my British horse artillery finished think i'll need some limbers to finish the look

And here are my rifes i have 14 in total ready to be flocked


  1. Well done mate, nice blog and great painting.

  2. Very impressive detail on the uniforms - I like the command stand a lot

  3. I agree, I like the general and his aides stand the best, but all are very nice. The British artillerists lace on the jackets is nicely done - just enough.

    I should do a Napoleon command stand like your Ney...might steal the idea.

  4. thanks guys for the comments he is one of my favourites