Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Russian 10mm Napoleonics

This is my first attempt at painting 10mm man i don't know how you paint any smaller than this I've got hundreds of these to do

Even though it doesn't come out to well I tried to layer the paint
dark to light look good to the eye


  1. The level of detail on these is very good. I'd be tempted to use a slightly lighter green on the coats. The green you used is accurate, but considering how much of it you see, it gives it a darker look. A lighter shade to offset this might help. I might put some mud on the boots to break up the large dark/black area you see from the back. Other than that these are some of the best 10mm figures I've seen painted up. Great work.

  2. Will thow together another 4 tonight using your suggestions. thanks for the imput