Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vitrix British 28mm

I had a bit of fun today and painted another few figures for my British
i think that when i get back from up north i'm going to have to really get serious with these guys they are so much fun to paint.
the next thing will be basing these guys. I think basing 28mm figures will be a bit different than 15mm as it will really bring the figures to life or dull them down


  1. Very nicely done; great paint job. I agree - the basing will make them look even better. Dean

  2. Which Napoleonic Rules are you using?

    And what scale figures? I am torn between AB 15mm and Victrix and Perry 28 mm using Lasalle.

    I only have a 8' x 4' table though.

    Happy gaming,


  3. Hi Allan my favourite is the 15mm Ab Mminatures i've just sold a large British army but still have a french army and will rebuild my British. I play Shako 2 for my 15mm about to start Lasalle, I've heard that black powder is good for 28mm but haven't tried it. Theser are my first 28mm figures. will probably not buy any more vitrix but start a french army using perry minatures.

  4. They look good Kent!

    Good luck, I am NOT going to get into 28mm Napoleonics- no matter how good they look....well not at this stage anyway


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