Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flames of war game Wednesday night

Wednesday night Craig and a new player Steve came around home and we had a game to show him how the game works, I think he had a lot of fun. This was his first game after collecting fow for over ten years

In the picture above Craig races up on the right and destroy's my marder, not nice
I decide to send in the re-enforcements not a good idea
While on Steve's side of the board alls quite except for a few stuarts hiding behind the church
Craig decides to peel of and attack Steve's Mark Iv not a good idea

Will i ever learn, don't put the marders out in the open, all they do is die

So as craig does he swings to the left and everything comes out to presure steve this time
Steve proves to be a good shot, where as all i can role is ones and two's
It's not looking good for Craig as this picture seems to show and we no are contesting the objective on our right
But anyone who's played Craig knows as long as the games playing he is dangerous and he suddenly swings back to the right and is contesting our objective he bails my IV , i pull back two III's to contest
Steve tries to destroy as much as he can and puts craig under half strength, we both try and destroy craigs commander in chief but fail craig destroyed my III's the turn before so it comes down to a role if he roles a 4 or better he wins a 3 or less we in and you guessed it he roled a 4game to Craig, i still need to remember to protect those objectives better. a great fun game for steve's first


  1. What a nice table!
    Villages, tanks, plane, very nice decor!
    Good work!

  2. great looking table and game

  3. Superbe combat de blindé, le décor est magnifique. A bientôt Christian

  4. My rule of thumb Kent- if it has front armour 1 and the other guys has anything with AT over 2 (eg 50 cals) keep it hidden or concealed

    It was a good game, that panzer IV failing to die almost cost me the game in the middle, then the turn where you guys missed almost all my Shermans gave me a glimmer of hope- it was close, very close.

  5. Update: The smoke markers worked out good in those pictures too you should make yourself some Kent :)