Sunday, July 15, 2012

Borodino 2012

Well it's about time i started looking towards re fighting Borodino I think there are 24 players and huge amounts of figures we will be playing on the 8-9 September. So today i took a look at what i have ready to go .

7 Battalions of Guard infantry
11 Battalions of line infantry
2 Battalions of elite infantry
If they go for 6 stands per cav
1 Grenadier a Cheval
3 Dragoons
2 Cuirarssier 
2 12 pdrs
7 6pdrs
3 howitzers
1 gun and limber
10 command figures
1 Napoleon command stand
plus 8 skirmishers
Here's a couple of pics of the army so far i hope to have 5 more infantry complete even if they aren't needed and two of chasseur cav


  1. Quantity and quality!
    Very nice army..."Vive l'Empereur"!

  2. Now that's what I call an army! Looking very, very good.

    My Russians are feeling seriously outnumbered- I think I need to get back to painting!


  3. Excellent! I do like these grand parades!

  4. What an impressive array of determined troops!

  5. Great looking army which kind of flock and tuft do you use? It looks great!

  6. All the grasses and flocks are army painter i'll check in the cupboard and see which ones when i get home tonight