Saturday, July 28, 2012

28mm SYW British WIP

I've started the next army as part of an on going commission for Reg, I've completed the Austrians and the Hanoverian's now it's on to the British, so I've based and undercoated 220 infantry  4 guns and crew and some command figures to get started. Today i painted three coats on the skin on 48 figures one coat on another 30-40 figures and started the red on 24 and two coats of red and the first for the white on another 24 so a good start for one day. 

 Most of the figures are Foundry but there is a packet of Front Rank infantry and cav plus 3 guns and crew from them

I've taken a close up of the first two coats of red i do one more coat for a brighter highlight

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  1. Good start on these Kent, and another period I am wanting to start...