Thursday, July 26, 2012

Black powered French vs Russians game

Craig and i had another game of black powder the other night really enjoyed the game. 
Craig set up his army in the centre and on the right flank ready for the big advance

 I decided for a change to place my whole army in one big block in the middle
not really sure why just did it for a change.
 Craig got first turn and his troops boldly advanced in the centre
While his right flank refused to advance for a full two turns
Below Craigs second turn  his troops advance and deploy into line
 My troops advance to meet Craig in the centre while 4 Battalions peel of slightly to the left, I decide to concentrate my full might against the centre and try and crush it before the right flank can advance. We both forgot that troops in march collum get one free move each turn so Craig should have been way up the table by now
 While all this is happening my heavy cav have arrive on my right flank and promptly refuse to move
 but when they do move boy did they move three moves in all right into the attack,but then we read the rules again and find i can't charge the sqaure so i have to pull back
 Mean while Craigs right flank gets a full threee moves and no i'm in real trouble not only are my guards getting pasted by cannon fire but are now about to be charged by the russians to their left not good

 the Veterans on the far left bottom of the picture are about to get shot to pieces and retire from the field
 the cav below move back behind the forest to their rear still within charge distance of the infantry in front, they do this because Craigs heavy cav are thundering down the left flank ready to rescue his infantry
 my guards form square holding off Craigs cav while my troops of the line attack Craigs centre it's all up in the air who knows what will happen
 Mean while Craigs right flank after their dearing advance decided they would refuse to move for the next two turns saving me from a defeat on my left i reorganise my left bringing fresh troops to bear i assualt the guns with my guard and destroy them moving a full move forward and then my second cav battalion arrives to threaten Craigs infantry
 The centre is a bit different now my line troops had a magor blunder and ended two moves behind my guns  i then destroyed Craigs infantry to the front with gun and cannon fire, i assualt the square with my guards infantry and cav and destroy it moving up infantry ready to form square so Craig can't come through on my cav, in the picture below i charged Craig second line of infantry in the side but he formed square so had to pull back. Craigs lancers try to attack my guards which form square and his second heavy cav arrive soon after both lots of cav have no further influence on the game
 Below I've destroyed the first line by attacking first with infantry followed by cav which means no forming square but because russians have steady it means Craigs always pass the first round of combat i lose then inhis turn my infantry so this is the second round with my veterans Craigs second line is able to form square.

 My Dragoons manage to come through and end up jioning the attack but once again with the use of steady the Russians repulse my efforts
 Below shows the final shots of the battle Craig passed all his saves, i get a minor victory but i think another round would have dealt the death blow. was a great game, i found out how to attack infantry with combined forces and with these Russian's you've got to hit them hard so they use their first break point before the assaults go in otherwise you get dealt to. All in all a great game


  1. Very nice game!! I can´t paint so many Naps in a row but I´m always happy to see people that paint and play with them!! Great work!!

  2. Great looking game and nice write up.

  3. Great AAR. Great looking table and figures too.

  4. Impressive looking game - beautiful figs and nice terrain. Black Powder is such an enjoyable playing game. Best, Dean

  5. Great to see these excellent miniatures out in action, very good report.