Monday, January 2, 2017

40mm Front Rank British infantry

I've Started the British  first up we have 20 line infantry, 
it took me a while longer to get these done, i started the light infantry first and just came to a stop so moved onto these guys it's been three months since i started them painting little bits off and on, not normal for me so Christmas holidays started and i spent the first 4 day painting and really enjoyed myself


  1. They look fabulous. Such nice proportions in the figures and wonderful brush work. I'm jealous. Wish I could afford to start over and re-do my 28mm AWI army in 40mm.

  2. Nice work
    You must have moved on from 15mm then ;)

  3. Thanks guys, never to late AJ, these are all commission work Geodie I paint whatever the work brings. At this stage it's 28mm and 40mm but who knows maybe 15mm again sometime, I personally am doing 28mm for my own collections