Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Hail Caesar 28mm Carthaginian vs Roman game

 Well Tony and David cam around yesterday to teach me how the play Hail Caesar rules set My Cathaginians haven't seen the light of day for a year or two now so i jumped at the chance, Tony was around with his son earlier in the week and i rolled more ones than any person should ever be allowed to so thought game on
 Above is my half of the force on the right hand side Tony took the left, then they explained how i should setup and i changed everything
 Tony had the first turn and promptly roled a s6 on my elephant they said dont worry you would have to roll low to be in trouble then 1's would be bad after that well you guessed it bye bye elephant before she even breathed
 Tony was pilling on th presure on the left hand flank so David decided to kill me before his right broke my best troops are in the front well they are until my very bad rolling hit me again and Davids dice could do no wrong

Tony in photo below is about wiped out half of Davids right command

 here i my cav just after being pushed back next turn you guessed it bye bye cav im in trouble now Tony's saying don't engage pull back just hold on and hope dave doesn't get to charge me

 here i am 
 Half the army is gone , where did they go, i don't rightly know

 Tonys force do what they do best kill
 The Baleric slingers push back the cav
 I fall back as i'm told and hope and pray
 Tony comes in on the flank in his next turn as well as the front and wipes out whats left of Davids right
it is called  game with my forces about to die and Davids right gone , pretty much a draw in the end. What did i learn , well my dice hate me but a fun game must play again


  1. A nice looking game with wonderful armies!

  2. I think there was always an element of chaos and confusion on the ancient battlefield. I think Hail Caesar sounds like it models it fairly well.

  3. I agree it was fun but there was chaos all around just as it would have been

  4. It looked great Kent. Those double depth units do have a nice mass to them, but require a lot more painting! I see that game was a warm up to crush my Numidians! Never mind. However, you have inspired me to get my Numidians finished for a proper rematch ASAP.