Monday, September 14, 2015

28mm foundry roman's oh and a few warlord games figures to

 Been a long time since my last post my son decided he would remove some programs from my computer to make it go faster thanks for making it so i couldn't upload photo J.
I've done so much work but no pictures to show so here's some of what ive been working on past month or so

 I had a heap of fun with the little big man transfers think they were quite old could peel them off so in the end glued the whole thing on back and all

 Last but not least yes i know they aren't foundry but warlord games Auxiliary
i started this commission Saturday morning and had them finished mid afternoon no shield transfer game with the figures so i just decided to hand paint them myself I'm sure i think they came up not to bad


  1. Nice work on the shields Kent- glad to see you back into blogging :)

  2. Absolutely stunning work Kent! I have missed the inspiration you painting gives!

  3. cheer thanks guys been pretty quite around here but now that Carolyns working nights and my backs better i hope to get back into it a bit more

  4. Most impressive job on these Romans, they look splendid!