Tuesday, September 15, 2015

40k miniatures for my son Justin

these ships were a small part of a massive score of figures i picked up
i have completely repainted them for Justin
 working on lava flow
 My son picked this figure up on  a trip to see his girlfriend he's was fun to paint

a blood angel figure that i though what the heck ill give it a try

 the next three photos are of a test figure i've done for my sons eldar army

 My son is starting to pile on the figures you don't want to see what i picked up for him for his birthdayso many figures this is just a tiny part of it they are all painted as blood angels or not painted at all so heaps to do i've started by air brushing some base coats.


  1. Nice one kent! Loads to do! The gunships look really cool. What airbrush do you have?

  2. Very impressive, Kent. I am sure your son will treasure them.

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