Friday, January 28, 2011

the weekend starts with more painting tanks and infantry

I started with undercoating 10 panzer IV tanks and 5 stugs i was going to spray them but when the box arrived no spray what a pain so back to the brush also started the next 24 infantry yesterday lunch time so have a long way to go but here are first pics shows that you should never be discourage and give up at this stage because it's amazing how as the layers are added the models come to life

these guys below are Hungarian syw Jos. Esterhazy Infantry
or should i say they will be.


  1. Nice stuff, mate...


  2. I look forward to seeng the panzers finished Kent. How did you get on pinning the sideskirts?

    I'm just about to order a lot of 28mm plastics again- those new Norman knights and a few more Gripping Beast Saxons and Vikings.

    Keen for some Impetus this Wednesday at the club?


  3. thanks Monty. Hi Craig look forward to a game. Depends on when the funeral is i think it will be Tuesday. I'll let you know.
    Sa fr as pinning man that was tricky but what i did was get size 24 staples three staples wide trimmed off a very small bit and superfix them to the tracks pionts in which gives a nice wee surface to glue the plates to they are as solid as a rock.