Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ecw cavalry finished first batch

 The cav that i was working on the other day i finished last night i'm quite happy with them it's a hard one because Richard wanted them to look like the last lot of figures i painted for him which was nearly two years ago and my style has completely changed since then, not quite sure if they will completely blend in but i hoppe that he will be happy, today i'll find time to glue the next batch together. I'm not basing these as Richard likes to base his own and has quite a large collection that these will be added to.

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  1. Nice work.... 28mm??

    Kind regards

  2. Hi Kent,

    What system (and how based, do you know?) does Richard use his figs for? I got a whole box of the Scots before Christmas. We're using for Fantasy wargaming, but hey, no reason why they couldn't be for historicals as well!