Saturday, January 15, 2011

28mm Saloon and start of next SYW commission

  Well since i finished the DBA army for Dave i though i'd organise a game of Cowboys down at the club mid week only thing is i haven't finished enough builds yet so yesterday i built the saloon and today had enough time to build the Land registery building.Then my daughter thought she would watch high school musical so i put on the first coat of flesh paint and then the first wash on Regs Austrian infantry and cav this time there are 24 light infantry 24 musketeers 12 hussars and 3 command figures, I've decided to do a blow by blow breakdown of how they are painted with pictures this time around on all the units might take a while to put together but should be fun oh and i also started 30 or more German infantry also with first coat of skin and one of wash

As you can see there is still a bit of work to do fix up where the  green paint has gone wrong and paint the roof and the odd other bit but i like the rustic look , it is the wild west

 It actually started to rain as i was spray painting the undercoat but i just got it done in time
now i need to find time to paint it

has a picture of Regs SYW Austrains ready for there first wash of the day


  1. Hey galpy - happy new year mate. Love the saloon.

  2. Hey Galpy - great buildings... I admire how fast You can turn out great looking things:)

  3. The saloon looks great. I'm sure it will be the host to plenty of bar fights in the future!

  4. I too am impressed with those buildings, nice!

  5. Cheers guys i'm really happy with the way the buildings are turning out i think the game will look real nice just have to learn how to play it. the only thing with scratch building these things is the amount of balsa you go through, I'm back off to the shop today for anoth er load.

  6. The only things missing are a jail and an assayers office. After that you're down to a few private residences, or maybe a second hotel/brothel. Nice set up.