Tuesday, January 4, 2011

28mm Ecw command figure

As i was doing the 12 Ecw cav yesterday i remembered that i also had 1 command figure as well so here he is even though i still have a bit to do on the last 12 cav, they should be finished some time tomorrow as i have another fow game tonight against Craig he's still testing his army for the champs. Even though i don't like the warlord games plastics this metal from them is real nice with great detail. As i said in my last update i don't get to base these guys. Richard will do that when he gets them.


  1. He is awesome! Lovely colors.


  2. Superb figure. Love his 'tache!

  3. Good stuff as usual Kent. I tried sending you an email to your .nz email addy when you sent me xmas wishes but it bounced back to me. as to my painting I have not painted anything since about 3 weeks after my camera broke. I have been spending all of my time looking for work. I told myself that I cant paint again till I find a job. with the economy in California(USA) like it, it may be a while till a brush hits my fingers again. Anyway I hope things are grand for you and your family...

    Best wishes,


    P.S. could you give me your current email addy?