Thursday, June 10, 2010

Spanish Dragoons update (3)

Heres the last of the cav for this commission then  onto the Infantry looking at these pictures i realize i have the manes and tails to dry brush oh well i do them when i get off this computer. It's been a slow couple of weeks been away at southcon flames of war comp and then hurt my back again on monday so have to be careful how much painting i do.

I've painted the coats and pants slightly different than the first Battalion of Dragoons
the coats slightly brighter than the first and the pants buff


  1. These are excellent, particularly the gray horses for the musician and standard bearer.

  2. These look brilliant! How have you been? Whats on the P. table next? I am actually starting to paint my 28mm ECW mini's. I was going to paint the new AB figs I just got but really want to play 1644 and need painted mini's to do it... ;) I have enough 15mm Nappies painted to play a smaller British/French battle now, so there you have it, for now I am painting a ton of Warlord Games/Old Glory 28mm ECW stuff...


  3. Nice work with the yellow uniforms, they can be such a pain to get right. Which brand of paint do you use for your yellows? The horses have got some neat work to, I always like the minifig horses they seem well proportioned if only they varied the pose a bit.

  4. The paint for these guys is bubonic brown GW base coat the valljio yellow highlight then 50/50 mix of white and valljio yellow to finish withplease excuse my poor spelling and thanks for the comments doing cav is my favourite of all painting AB cav is the best so far as you can see in my older posts but these arn't to bad

  5. g'day kent
    I've only been using Vallejo paints for a short while (no yellows) and find them fairly good. Majority of my paints are older pots of citadel/GW which work well too, but they have changed their range around (again) which can be confusing especially if your hooked into a favourite colour, and then it disappears! Have been trialling artist acrylics with varying results tried any of those?