Friday, September 12, 2014

WIp update All quite martian front, 40k Salamander , Bolt action

Hi All i thought i better post some pictures of work that is in progress, i have finished some bolt action but are yet to take pictures so ill get on to that next fine day. so ive got first up a few pics of american infantry from alls quite on the martian front i am at the stage of basing oh and there are of course   some civilians.I am so use to painting 28mm these are a bit of a struggle but have to be done, i painted up 12 tanks but forgot to take pictures

the tanks below i actually have completed but forgot to take photos of before i handed them over
 Next is an ironclad dreadnought that i am painting up for my son once again there are more things that i have finished just need to get pictures taken  i stll have a bit of painting then varnish and matt coats to do then regloss the lava

Last of all i started these last week my Fallschirmjager for bolt action the splitter camo was quite hard to do but i'm reall happy with the end finish, i take better pictures when basing is complete


  1. That's some very nice stuff you're working on! Really like the Fallschirmjäger. What make are they?

  2. Wow! Those FJ look great Kent- as does the Dreadniought (and I'm not a sci-fi fan!)

    Look forward to a game of Bolt Action based on Carentan with my US paras and your FJ real, real soon!

    Having sold my ACW I'm going to treat myself to a tiger and panther for my Bolt Action armies

  3. Hi Moiterei the figures are a foundry boxset and really nice to paint awesome detail, i picked them up off a second hand site