Saturday, September 13, 2014

28mm foundry Fallschirmjager finished, and shots of my ss in early M1943 camo pattern and a for random bits

 First up another work in progress for my son a landraider
 Next the mess that is my Mark IV first of i missed gluing a few bits on and now have lost them second i glued front hatches on around the wrong way how does that you might ask then as i took it out of the box to take photo i dropped it and damaged both paint and model on the other side oh well.

Below are pictures of my Bolt action Fallschirmjager army well the beginning of it its all foundry except the office in first photo which isn't part of the list

 Now we have some more ss that i painted up a month or two ago
 oh and i got my mortar completed and painted, when it turned up it was missing the main tube but warlord games sent a new pack plus a few other figures that had been broken, thanks guys

 I'm really enjoying painting myww2 stuff and have purchased my american para army plus a heap of guns and vehicles to finish my ss and paras, Good times


  1. Excellent work again! I especially like your camo. Looks spot on. As a sidenote (but I assume you already knew) the SS never wore black uniforms in battle.

  2. very nice and the cammo is great.

  3. What a great run of Fallschirmjager, and SS! You must be a bit fatigued from all the camo painting.

    If someone told me, "Stand still. I'm going to rest my MG on your shoulder as I fire it," I'd have to shoot them instead. ;-)

  4. Great looking camo work on all of them.

  5. Thxs guys for your comments, and yes a lot of camo but still have more to do with the support weapons that arrived a couple of weeks ago

  6. Cammo colors look spot on and the size of the splotches is just right. Wonderful stuff.