Thursday, March 28, 2013

28mm syw British wip shots and faces ?

 as you might have realized i'm not posting quite as much at the moment lifes been quite busy and will only get   more that way as the year goes on. So i've only been painting at lunchtimes at work, So here's what i've been working on 3 Regiments of Syw British this first batch is neasrly complete

 these two still have all the lace work and guns and bags to do but they are starting to look the part
Lastly after visiting the blog inside a painters mind i decided to change the way i paint faces, here's three of fifty i started work on last weekend, they seemed quite fast to paint even with three layers and eyes and lips done


  1. New face is stunning you have the touch my friend, funny but I have just tweeked my face painting too
    Peace James

  2. The faces look great. The shadows are right where they're supposed to be, the transitions are smooth and the highlights are just right. Excellent work.

  3. Nice work, the faces do look great.

  4. The Brit's look very very nice and the faces do look great too!