Sunday, June 5, 2011

French Napoleonic 15mm AB army for Sale

I'm looking to sell my Napoleonic French army all the figures are AB figures they are painted to a high standard, but not to the standard i now paint so the price will indicate this. The main difference is that i paint the faces completely different now, and i adda third layer to the blue, some of the units do have a higher standard on the skin tones the elite battalions and the Guards as you will see in there pictures. I really would preffer to sell them within New Zealand for shipping purposes.

The army seems to be selling in bits so if there is something you want let me know
I've already sold or traded all my cav.
Army list
(1) there are 17 Battalions of infantry each of three stands of six figures
Total infantry figures 306
of the above 1 is guards 3 elite units 2 light 12 line.
(2) 6 12 pdr guns each with 4 crew, 1  officer on horse.
(3) 3 stands of offices 3 horse 5 infantry
(4) 3 stands of skirmishsers 9 figures
(5) Napoleon command stand 3 command figures on horse  
(6) 3 aid de camp riders

Total of 344 foot
6 cannon
12 horse





Sold three stands


  1. You know Kent I'm not 100% convinced I want to sell my army- at least not until a 28mm replacement is painted and ready to play!

    Could give us a chance to get some practice with the rules in while we are upsizing :)


  2. Very nice army. Love the stand with Napoleon.

  3. I wish I lived down there as I would love to add those to my army and the stuff I already got from you in trade... Want your Russians back ;-)

  4. Some more perry plastics are on their way to you Kent; should arrive Monday.

  5. Thanks heaps I'm about half way finished on the first box will post some pics when done

  6. Very cool; I look forward to seeing them!