Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Front rank 28mm Hungarian syw infantry finished & based

This is the second to last infantry Battalion in a commission that i have been painting for Reg I'm about 90% finished on the last one then the two cav and the Austrians are all done. As always the flags are not attached i leave this up to Reg for easy of posting.

Haller Battalion


  1. Very nice ! Good thing that green flag isn't attached permanently, it's upside down :). Hopefully we will get to see a pic of the entire force before they are sent.


  2. thanks for that i suppose i shouldn't have put the flags on while on medication, just arrived back from the hospital all good, I've redone the flag ready to ship off tomorrow. Once the whole army has been finished I'm going to ask a friend up in Wellington to photograph the whole army together

  3. Nice work; your production and quality always inspires and impresses. Dean

  4. cheers Dean i'm working on some cav tonight think they will end up real nice. I'll have to order some perry French artillery soon