Thursday, October 21, 2010

28mm Hungarian Regiment started basing

Thought i would add a couple of pics of the Hungarian regiment i painted this week for Reg to add to his Austrian syw army this is the first batch of the 94 figures i'm working on (which is a small part of the army i have to do)  tomorrow i will start the white coats of the next batch also get ready to go away for weekend of flames of war competiton should be fun. Also tomorrow i need to try and finish the 15mm Cav for the Britons commission that i've been working on this week, where do i find the time?
below is a couple of pics of the army so far

when you think that i have another cav and at least 7 more regiments of infantry plus 4 more guns i still have a long way to go and the next army Hanovarians has started to arrive, oh well only one way to get it done and its not here on this computer so see ya later.


  1. 2 thumbs up!
    Good luck at the tourney!

  2. Awesome paint jobs. And yes, how do you find the time????????

  3. Wow - all of your figures are absolutely stunning; However, I must say the latest Hungarians are really eye-catchers. Man, what a pretty uniform - blue dolmans and breeches with read braid - and a white coat! Wow. Dean

  4. your keeping me inspired for my own SWY project thanks. I do not know if you do painting forums but I am a member at pop in and have a look I know many of the guy wouls love to see you painting
    Peace James

  5. As I said before . . .
    Your a Machine!!!!
    Excellent work as usual.