Monday, February 12, 2018

Analogue painting challenge update lots Napoleonic's and a mexican

 this Chap is an Aide-de-camp top a full marshal
and after applying some green stuff both he and the one below
are both saved from the bin

 this one is Aide-de-camp to Murat

the Dragoons below are the 10th regiment

 Then these guys are old Guard chasseur's

 i managed to get this block of line infantry done just before
the entry was due

 and then i just did this guy because i need some fun


  1. They look sharp! Are the Napoleonics all plastics?

  2. They are mainly plastics the foot have a sprinkling of metal thrown in, my problem is as quick as I paint them people want to buy them, I must stop this madness

  3. Wonderful job, love these colorful Nap period figures...