Friday, April 27, 2012

WIP Perry/fornt Rank/Warlord games figures

 I've been working on these guys for the past week while I've been doing the guns couldn't help myself, the Perry French command figures are really nice, on the other hand i hate the warlord game figures they would have to be some of the worse sculpts i've every seen it's taken me nearly a year to do them the horses or all over the lace proportionally anyway need a few more to finish my cav so i've started them and of course the heavy guns are from Reg's commission work that i am continually doing there is one more to base yet.
                                                  All of this work is still in progress
 I've really been taking my time on these guys I've tried a new way of painting the skin and i'm really quite please with the effect and how easy it is to do I've added one more layer to the blue so it now has 4 layers I'm also working on how i do my white adding another 50/50 sky grey white mix before i do the white and i think it looks a lot better.
 This  figures has the three layers of gold now using formula P3 gold as the base it is such a nice colour to use so the dark you see in the gold is actually not black it's the Formula p3 gold

 Nearly done Reg, I'll base up the 32 Dragoons this weekend for undercoatng and start them next week
Oh the painting never stops.


  1. Great start on some great looking figures. Best, Dean

  2. They look really fine. I especially like the gold. Bravo.

  3. The oficiers and the guns are really nice, a vrey good work!

  4. You've done a fine job of painting here. That gold trip is just perfect for these pieces and the grouping with the canon is fabulous.

  5. Very nice, Sir. Enjoyed the fruit of your labors.