Saturday, July 9, 2011

28mm ECW warlord games figures

last night my wife sat down to watch some netball so i thought why not paint a couple of figures up so here they are there are still a few bits to do yet like i forgot to do rupperts pants oh well, these are a small part of a trade that i did with a friend of mine Richard i think the infantry figure is foundry not sure though. I'm working on a bunch of Old glory figures and a fewe other things so will update you on those later. 

I think i'll put some gold lines in the creases of the sleeves and pants on this guy what do you think.


  1. Some very animated figures, nicely painted!

  2. Nice work; I'm tempted to get the Prince Rupert model - it's full of like & with his dog too! Regards, Dean

  3. cheers guys they were fun to paint

  4. Again great work mate! I painted both of mounted chaps last year and while I don't think they turned out as good as yours they were fun to paint.