Tuesday, February 22, 2011

28mm front Rank Hussars ready to base

Even though i finished these guys yesterday i couldn't bring myself to put them up with all that is happening just up the road, but here they are today

I've finished painting Reg's next batch of Hussars which he wanted me to paint the same as the last lot I've actually based them ready for painting tomorrow and then grassing. I've added to new colours to my horses as i decided there wasn't enough colour variation in them so I've added a darker brown and a redder horse.


  1. very nice..though a horse with a black tail and mane always has black lower legs..this is the absolute definiton of a bay horse.

  2. and horses dont have white in their eye..

  3. I love it when you leave messages on my blog i always learn something important and when i painted the eyes at lunch time i new something wasn't right.
    Cheers and thanks

  4. I sometimes worry I am a bit to forward,,but..I am painting some Austians at the moment and a number more of generals..I do like your red horses..so many people don't get the horse colour right..I must put up examples of the paint colours I use for horses..one veru useful colour, if you can get anymore , is the now defunct Terracotta..I paint the horse GW dark flesh, give it a wash with vallejo sepia and then reset/highlight with terracotta, gives a lovely light red chestnut..and cote des armes has probaly the best selection of horse colours around.. and there is a colour in the War Machine range..bloodstone , which is the most wonderful dark golden chestnut color, and doing some bays using this, and some blond til and mane chestnuts just works so well..
    you are really good painter..

  5. Looks awesome!!
    Like the little details.

    Just the eyes of the horses bug me too.
    I do max one dot of white in the edge of an eye. But never in both edges. This make the horse look like it is rabies. :)

  6. Beautiful work as always. Hope all is well with your friends & family there. Regards, Dean

  7. Wow !! Fantastico Great work !!!

    Carlo Antonio

  8. These look Brilliant!! I have yet to get any front rank mini's as they are expensive... But they sure do paint up well...