Sunday, February 27, 2011

28mm Perry minatures crusaders started

 this is the first post to do with a new army that I'm starting I know next to nothing about this period so i guest i'll either learn along the way or make heaps of mistakes which i hope you'll tell me about, no matter what i know that i'm going to have heaps of fun painting them.
I've decided not to wait till the end and they are all nice neat and finished but to post updates of where I'm at hope you like. as you can see there's a long long way to go yet.
cheers Galpy
I think this is about half the infantry and the first of around 40 cav


  1. Oddly, I've also just started a Crusades project: the Perry's are simply lovely miniatures. Look forward to see you progress, I need to blog some of mine.


  2. I look forward to see your progress as well as we very different styles of painting. I find your finished figures very very interesting

  3. and I am looking at Calabrian Normans..who were quite a feature in the First Crusade..

  4. It must be the thing to do at the moment

  5. A nice start to a very good period.

  6. Crusade figures make my heart flutter. Great work.

  7. The projetc looks fantastic!

    Which rules do you plan to use for the crusades?

    I noticed the Larger bases being used in more recent posts ;)



  8. We are using Impetvs as our rules with minor size change to the base size