Friday, September 9, 2016

German SS 28mm Bolt action figures

Well i decided a while back that my ss needed a few more figures just to round them off and get them completed, so i bought these earlier in the year and like most things they sat around looking at me every time i paint someone else's figures. so here we are . i'm really pleased with the camo each time i do it it seems to be that much better than the last, oh and just in case your wondering I've run out of tuffs of grass and stuff need to get an order in to finish the basing off
 the medium mortar replaces one that i sold why i sold it i'm not to sure but now its back

 i was short a few rife teams right from the beginning of this army so these guys will be handy

 and the addition of another hmg and below an lmg finish these guys off
so i'll post this and head back to the painting room to finish off some more 40mm AWI


  1. Great looking guys, love the mortar team!

  2. Thxs Phil I'll be glad to see them on the table kickin some butt

  3. Great looking stuff. I really like your take on the Spring and Autumn patterns