Tuesday, February 9, 2016

28mm Perry American War Independence

I've been working away at a few AWI figures for a commission that i'm  quite enjoying. There are a mixture of Plastics and metals in this batch they are all Perry but in the next batch  there are foundry also, this is my first foray into this period so hope i do it justice.
This first Regiment is the Virginia Covenant Guard hope i got that right 

 Then i went to work on a slightly rag tag bunch of continental infantry 

 I'v also started on four artillery pieces and a couple og Generals , i've also based and undercoated another 16 cav and 48 plus infantry so lots yet to do


  1. Great looking units! Nice to be included in your list of Great bogs too!

  2. Beautiful figures, love the diversity of the poses and the paint job!

  3. That Virginia uniform was unknown to me. Nice to learn something. The continental unit looks smashing good - perfect for Princeton.

  4. Very nice work and imho a very enjoyable period that I think you will like the more you work on it.