Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Scratch building 28mm Buildings for Bolt action scenario Normandy / Carentan

 Hi everyone I should be painting miniatures but i got sidetracked and decided to start on some buildings for a large game scenario which will involve three armies per side and three connected tables, i put on my band of brothers DVD and paused it just as the american's come over the rise first building is Cafe De Normandy sketched it out and here you have it made a few last minute changes to the roof, wish i hadn't but oh well. 
 decided to do it in 7.5mm balsa wood so it lasts a bit longer

 put match stick inserts on inside of windows made tile roof then coat the building in a mixture of polyfiller , pva and sand which i painted on with a large brush, then i carved paving into the mdf base and undercoated it all black read for next stage

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