Thursday, December 31, 2015

28mm WW2 Bolt action German 251/1 Half track and Marder III AUSF M

 Woke up today and decided what the heck lets do some painting
so i got out my trusty airbrush which i still have no idea what i'm doing when using
and set up the table for some painting, also did a pak 38 and crew but ill base them before taking pics
 I've no had the greatest success with 28mm Vehicles but i'm happy ish with these

 Still a bit of work to do on highlights but mostly comnplete


  1. Look good mate, A little clean for my taste but id say you have the hang of the airbrush :) If you ever want any airbrushing tips just sent me a message. I've been airbrushing for the last 15 odd years and ive made all the mistakes that you can make.

  2. Looking good Kent, look forward to facing them on the table top soon. The camo has turned out great on them.

  3. Это писдец, опускайте баки

    1. Оруууу, пиздец европецы нубы в моделизме, баки нужно как можно ниже