Friday, November 9, 2012

Great northern wars WIP

 Well it's slowly moving along on the painting desk this week I've added a couple of shots of the Russian artillery crew finished and the Swedish cav WIP shots, I did the base coat today on all the horses and the third coat on the buff plus the gold well some of the gold still all the fine gold bits to do yet. I really want to get these guys finished so i can start on my ACW project which i've based and undercoated about 150 infantry plus the command figures, managed to pick up another box of cav so only two boxes of cav and four of infantry to glue up.
 For some reason you can't see the layers of colour in these artillery lads there are three on both the red and blue oh well they look great on my desk the guns are only on the first coat lots still to do
 I think these lads are going to look great on the battle field lots of colour


  1. Great looking units - the uniform colors are so vibrant. Best, Dean

  2. Wonderful work Kent! Sounds like the ACW troops are coming along well also.

  3. Indeed. They're coming on very well.