Thursday, January 2, 2014

4th entry Analouge painting comp

for my forth entry i painted up the last of my Japanese bolt action, you will see a few more in later posts but they aren't mine , also i painted up some front rank hussars these were an enjoyable paint
 you wouldn't believe it i have painted my whole army and i decide to paint these guys a different way why other than they look better would i do that

 Painting Cav is one of my favorite things to do the Front Rank horses are so nice to paint


  1. I love the detail on the snipers camouflage.

    (The Perry Cavalry is pretty amazing too!)

  2. great work as always Kent I too enjoy the Front rank Cav in fact any good cav sculpt

  3. Looking good Kent. Keep up the good ro.

    Dave is keen for Bolt Action next week if you are available.