Monday, January 10, 2011

Games and painting but no camera

On Sunday i played a large game of flames of war 6500 pts on our side 6000  on the German what a game in two and half hours we were completely destroy almost to a man it was brutal I lost all my armour and a good portion of my 16 guns ( photos from the big day ) Man what a fun time it was , It's not about winning its about freinds getting together for a great time.  And it was just that.
Other than that I've finished 25, Ecw 28mm warlord games cavalry but sadly my daughter has taken my camera away with her for a week and the customer will be picking them up a day before she returns.
Today i spent about two and half hours on Daves Ancient indian army this is my second day of painting and they are starting to look like they should most figures are 90% complete except for the heavy cav which still has quite a way to go, still a bit of finishing on the elephant and some shield designs, I've also based and undercoated 56, 28mm German ww2 infantry and washed and deflashed 48, 28mm front rank Austrians and 3 command cav figures so i can carry on with Reg's syw army. I'm looking forward to starting the hanovarians, So all in all things are progressing quite well will hopefully have my camera back friday so will get a few picture up. Hope alls going well with everyone.

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