Friday, January 2, 2015

28mm work on my kitchen table/ I did promise my wife i wouldn't paint my Christmas way

 If I am honest with myself this is only  a very small amount of things i have started there are the box of maybe thirty roman cav another box of 40-50 roman infantry then there's the Russian lancers i've started and a heap of space marines and eldar im working on as well, does it ever end. and to top it off today i airbrushed the first coats fo japanese jungle fighters some more German paras and abot 60 German infantry and of course the models above are now all undercoated and first base coat on

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Son asked me if i can please paint this 40k Eldar Jetbike for him

When i got these figures off a mate the Eldar models were in pretty bad shape i had already fixed and painted the one in the background, so i pulled it to bit washed it undercoated it in black and then airbrushed  a few fine layers of red before doing the rest by brush, I drilled out the bottom of the craft where the stand is attached because it was far to lose, then using a garden watering system wee plastic plug that is used to fill a hole, i put a new hole drilled into it inserted this in and supper glued it this plastic will not wear so the stand should now stay firm.
 the shot below is obviously before attaching the top, 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

28mm American paras

 Well here i am again it Christmas holidays and what do we do at holiday time, yes of course we paint so here's what two days sitting at the kitchen table looks like
 you might have noticed that some of the figures arn't actually paras but guess what i don't care they are now part of my para army 49 figures in all

28mm Warlord Games bolt action Germans

 here's a few more figures from warlord games that i've completed

Monday, December 29, 2014

28mm works in progress

 I've been working away on a few different things these were just before the christmas break
This is one on my son's eldar figures
 this rather large boy i painted as part of a large set of figures for a friend Nigel the girl on space bike is also for Nigel

 These Lads are gripping beast Dark Age Scotts that i finished yesterday but forgot to take a picture before sending them off to their new home, 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

28mm foundry Fallschirmjager finished, and shots of my ss in early M1943 camo pattern and a for random bits

 First up another work in progress for my son a landraider
 Next the mess that is my Mark IV first of i missed gluing a few bits on and now have lost them second i glued front hatches on around the wrong way how does that you might ask then as i took it out of the box to take photo i dropped it and damaged both paint and model on the other side oh well.

Below are pictures of my Bolt action Fallschirmjager army well the beginning of it its all foundry except the office in first photo which isn't part of the list

 Now we have some more ss that i painted up a month or two ago
 oh and i got my mortar completed and painted, when it turned up it was missing the main tube but warlord games sent a new pack plus a few other figures that had been broken, thanks guys

 I'm really enjoying painting myww2 stuff and have purchased my american para army plus a heap of guns and vehicles to finish my ss and paras, Good times

Friday, September 12, 2014

WIp update All quite martian front, 40k Salamander , Bolt action

Hi All i thought i better post some pictures of work that is in progress, i have finished some bolt action but are yet to take pictures so ill get on to that next fine day. so ive got first up a few pics of american infantry from alls quite on the martian front i am at the stage of basing oh and there are of course   some civilians.I am so use to painting 28mm these are a bit of a struggle but have to be done, i painted up 12 tanks but forgot to take pictures

the tanks below i actually have completed but forgot to take photos of before i handed them over
 Next is an ironclad dreadnought that i am painting up for my son once again there are more things that i have finished just need to get pictures taken  i stll have a bit of painting then varnish and matt coats to do then regloss the lava

Last of all i started these last week my Fallschirmjager for bolt action the splitter camo was quite hard to do but i'm reall happy with the end finish, i take better pictures when basing is complete