Friday, August 1, 2014

All Quite on the Martian front

Well to continue with the strange things on my painting table here are some tripods from a wee job i'm doing for a friend, I bought an air brush and have been doing a wee bit of experimenting with it  i think i did two weeks work in one day so was very happy these are for a 15mm game but these tripods are big you can see how they tower over my 15mm church in the background, they were very easy to put together and paint great fun, i have still a lot to do for the other armies yet. If anyone is interested in how i painted the eyes what colours and all that just let me know. the eyes are a lot better in really life than the photos.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

40k Salamander and Eldar

Well hello once again  this time its something completely different from my normal painting, i've been trying to get my son into historical wargames for years but this year he has decided to get into 40k why i might ask myself, i had never painted these figures before and am now having to learn a new style of painting. I have to amit i am having so much fun its not funny. Some of the figures are new and some i have managed to get off a friend, thxs Nigel.

These guys i'm really happy with the photo doesn't show how good the lava came out but i'm going to do a gloss layer over the lava so it looks wet
 I've painted the rest of the terminators but they haven't benn glossed and then dulcoat yet
 This is a test for the red i want for the spider dudes a bit dar but Justin wants these guys slightly darker so i will do the other five guys

 one boxset down there are so many still to do my son has slaved me out, and then there are all those vehicles i'm glad i bought that airbrush man it is saving me a lot of time with green basecoats

 this Eldar tank was a gloss black yesterday covered in dust it annoyed me so much so i washed it and undercoated it then airbrushed to coats of the base red 7 hours later a completely different model i still have some detail work to do but i'm really happy i actuall pulled it to bits my son was like what have you done but i wanted to be able to paint the guys inside

Thursday, April 17, 2014

28mm Bolt action ss

Well i know it has been a long since my last post, with a back injury my painting had to be put on hold i pulled out of the analogue painting comp and well did nothing for quite a while, i have been slowly getting back into it.

I bought a boxset and a few blisters of the bolt action ss a while back so i decided to use the step by step instructions on the bolt action website to see how they would turn out and i have to say im very happy
the mortar crew from the box has been painted but the mortar barrel was missing so no pics yet, it arrived the other day so need to get it painted, if only it would stop raining so much undercoating to do.

 really enjoyed painting these guys

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Analogue painting competition entries 10,11,12 Old Guard chasseurs, syws

 Well back again this time we start with 1 Regiment of Old Guard Chasseur's from Front Rank took me a wee bit longer to paint up but well worth it, found and eagle in an old box of bits and their done.

 Next was the last bits to make up three stands of light troops

 These are the last of the syw figures that for two plus years i've been painting these are British

 Oh and some British Generals there is actually one more that i found and some casualties
My next submission will be a bit largerso might take a little longer to complete

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

French line infantry & guns, ww1 british & Germans , ww2 Japanese jungle fighters ,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th entry painting challenge

 first up we have 48 Napoleonic French line infantry all front Rank models

 Next Perry Miniatures 12pdr guns and crew

 These guys are Bolt action jungle fighters I really like the way they came out

 these guys are Renegade Miniatures ww1 British lancers sadly one was completely broken off the base but i managed to drill out the legs and pin the horse back to the base
 these fellas are Great wars miniatures trench raiders very nice miniatures