Monday, January 11, 2016

28mm bolt action scratch built buildings , walls and hedges first batch finished

 quite happy with what i've done in past few days still a lot more hedge rows to do i bought some bigger trees to add in and ill do some more stone walls, the next house has a iron and stone fence in front so will have to start thinking of how to do that

 i started adding the shutters to the second building in the photo below
any suggestions or tips please let me know your thoughts

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Scratch building 28mm Buildings for Bolt action scenario Normandy / Carentan

 Hi everyone I should be painting miniatures but i got sidetracked and decided to start on some buildings for a large game scenario which will involve three armies per side and three connected tables, i put on my band of brothers DVD and paused it just as the american's come over the rise first building is Cafe De Normandy sketched it out and here you have it made a few last minute changes to the roof, wish i hadn't but oh well. 
 decided to do it in 7.5mm balsa wood so it lasts a bit longer

 put match stick inserts on inside of windows made tile roof then coat the building in a mixture of polyfiller , pva and sand which i painted on with a large brush, then i carved paving into the mdf base and undercoated it all black read for next stage

Thursday, December 31, 2015

28mm WW2 Bolt action German 251/1 Half track and Marder III AUSF M

 Woke up today and decided what the heck lets do some painting
so i got out my trusty airbrush which i still have no idea what i'm doing when using
and set up the table for some painting, also did a pak 38 and crew but ill base them before taking pics
 I've no had the greatest success with 28mm Vehicles but i'm happy ish with these

 Still a bit of work to do on highlights but mostly comnplete

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

28mm British light cav and life guards completed, merry Christmas to all

Another batch completed ready to head off on their merry way this will be the last figures before Christmas but maybe not before the end of the year will have to see how much time i have.
I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, I know i haven't posted a lot this year but do hope you have enjoyed what i have.

Friday, December 18, 2015

40mm AWI independence test figures, and 28mm Carthiginian test figures

When i start a new job i always do test figures to make sure that i'm happy with how the figures turn out but also to make sure that whoever i'm painting for is happy with the colour's of uniforms 
 With these guys i wanted to make sure that my style of painted was good for 40mm, i decided to do 7 layers of colour instead of my normal 3 -4 still only three colours but the middle colour has 5 layers of watered down to give a smoother finish and a better layering of colour

These are Victrixs figures they have great detail but i must admit i do love painting metal 
so will be happy when they are all completed and sent on their way

28mm Front Rank Napoleonic British light cav and life guards cav

 these guys are some of my favorite for some reason they just appeal to me the buff facings
just catch the eye, I hope that Reg is as happy with them as i am. So now i need to get them based ready to head to their new home

Here we have some British Life Guards i had so much fun painting its a shame that the photos don't show how nice the red came out, i gave it four layers instead of my normal three and they really pop.