Saturday, March 12, 2016

Scratch built buildings and AWI figures, and what happens when you decide to buy your son a few miniatures 40k gone mad

 Here's another of my scratch built foam core buildings finished
 Been working away on a American war independence commission 
below are a few guns and a couple of commanders, just about finished the next regiment of inf but still heaps to go

 Justin wants a few buildings that will fit in with his gaming and mine so here's the next one
 This is what happens hwen you've been trying to get your son into wargames for the past ten years and he decides he wants to play 40k might have gone a little over board might have to move some of this on hehehehe

Thursday, February 11, 2016

40k Salamander centennials and terrain piece

 My son Justin's been at me to get some more of his 40 army painted so here we are so much to do when will i find the time but somehow while doing my own stuff i managed to come up with the idea of this terrain piece below made out of a cardboard hard drive protective holder turn upside down and a few unwanted bits Justin had a bit of balsa around the edges and a lick of paint boom done

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

28mm world war two building scratch built

Woke up Saturday morning and though what the heck time to build something, i'd seen this guy on utube and thought i'd like to give that a crack so started this at 2.30 in the afternoon and before i knew it it was 11.45 in the evening one building completed gave it an airbrush the next day and i must admit i'm pleasantly surprised, still needs some rubble and messing up a bit but that can wait for now

 added a bit of texture with some sand and pva glues but not to the balsa areas which i wanted to be smooth concrete
 the idea with the balsa is to get some layering happening

 I painted the second story floor last night  sorry no pics of that

28mm Perry American War Independence

I've been working away at a few AWI figures for a commission that i'm  quite enjoying. There are a mixture of Plastics and metals in this batch they are all Perry but in the next batch  there are foundry also, this is my first foray into this period so hope i do it justice.
This first Regiment is the Virginia Covenant Guard hope i got that right 

 Then i went to work on a slightly rag tag bunch of continental infantry 

 I'v also started on four artillery pieces and a couple og Generals , i've also based and undercoated another 16 cav and 48 plus infantry so lots yet to do

Monday, January 11, 2016

28mm bolt action scratch built buildings , walls and hedges first batch finished

 quite happy with what i've done in past few days still a lot more hedge rows to do i bought some bigger trees to add in and ill do some more stone walls, the next house has a iron and stone fence in front so will have to start thinking of how to do that

 i started adding the shutters to the second building in the photo below
any suggestions or tips please let me know your thoughts