Sunday, September 23, 2012

Great Northern Wars update

For the past two weeks i've been working away on the first two parts of a Russian and Swedish army for the great Northern Wars So here is a few pictures of my progress
 First up is 84 infantry that now that i'm looking at the pictures i've decided I need to paint the buckles on the shoes so they arn't as finished as i thought.
I decided to do an extra layer of darker green as a base

 Then there is the Swedish these are my favorites the colours look so much nicer in person 

 I still have a lot of work to do on these guys but should be completed by next weekend. I have to do all the detailing on the mitres yet as  well


  1. Wow, amazing work, Kent. Love the look of the early uniforms. Best, Dean

  2. thanks guys they are wonderful figures to paint

  3. Really looking good there!

  4. These are wonderfully striking, lovely work Sir.

  5. Excellent job! The blue and yellow really go well together.

  6. Thanks guys it's been a fun paint so far, i must admit my eyes are a bit sore and are in need of a painting holiday.