Monday, January 9, 2012

28mm Foundry Ecw and wild west Dixon miniatures finished

Well here we are again I finally started the English civil war figures and here are the first of many, I think if i'm honest with myself i could have put a bit more work into these guys, they are foundry figures, quite nice to paint but i think i rushed them a bit so on the next batch that i am working on now i will see if i can up the quality a bit 

Below we a have a Dixon miniatures bar maid for my wild west collection 
I think that i will call her buck tooth Betty.


  1. I still think they look great, even if you say that you rushed them a bit.

  2. They do look great, Kent. Did you keep the Old Glory figures as well?

  3. Those are some excellent paintjobs. If that's a rush job, I'm looking forward to seeing the next batch if you take more time with them. I also love the job you did on Betty's dress.

  4. You went as far as to paint Betty's teeth! I consider that over-the-top painting.