Saturday, January 7, 2012

15mm Fow Fallschimjager plus a afternoons work

This is a work in progress and i have to say it's not really going that well the base coat i think was a bit dark on a lot of them so the camo doesn't come off as good as it should. I am doing three different base coats.  After painting 28mm i must say I'm not really enjoying 15mm as much as i used to.

this afternoon i attempted  to fix the mess that i had made of my new boxset of Fallschimjager i think that I might have just managed to do it , it took two hours, now all i need to do is finish a few more and put another layer on the faces


  1. Wow you have a impressive collection.

  2. That's a stunning job on the smaller scale!

  3. I know the feeling re 15mm, I have as good as given up trying to paint them. These are looking excellent however.

  4. These look good, Don't be so hard on yourself