Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time to take these lads to war

 Here we are again Taking on those peskie Russians they just never seem to know when to throw the hat in.
Nigel and I took on Craig & Dale we both took two support option so decided that we needed a larger table think it was  an 8x6. the French were on the attack so received two extra Battalions of infantry. I took a guards Division with young guards and cuirassiers and the support. Both Nigel and i decided to hit the flanks and see what happened. as it was three battalions ended up crossing the hill near left of centre on the hill for and interesting wee fight there.
 Just about to hit the Russian lines I took a few hits on most of  my units at this point but not enough to do any real damage. By this stage Niglel had lost one Battalion but his second was well placed to take out a battery of guns
 My guards race across the centre to stop and destroy a Battalion of infantry that broke the lines 
 Craig's cav appears one turn after ours they take out one of my Battalions of infantry in square i roll terriable dice
 good by guns the first of three batteries to be destroyed by the mighty French I took one battery by forcing it to limber just before the assault. the Heavy cav took out the other
 Nigel just couldn't get the upper hand and was repelled i think three times, on the far side i have completely destroy Craigs infantry they are one away from defeat
 the meeting of the cav the game had been won by Nigel destroying the last of Craig's infantry, we get lucky with the dice and destroy one of Craig's heavy cav but bounce off the other, the battle field is left to the French. Found out later that we had used the tactics rules wrong but all and all a fun game


  1. I absolutely love the large regiments of cavalry meeting!

    Your Guards are looking very good Kent. Once I get the Brits properly finished, I will have to make the trip down.

    Getting some Romans prepped and ready too?

  2. Fantastic looking game & figures; very inspiring! Best, Dean

  3. I always like to see games setup on the table! Those 28mm figures really are beautiful.

  4. Lovely photos of a really nice game.

  5. Great report. Sounds like things were happening fast and furious.

  6. Very nice report, a wonderful, big table!

  7. Great looking battle, cheers for the report.

  8. We will be back in the new year to avenge our loss Kent!

    Have a great break with the family- I'll be back early Jan so maybe we can have a big game with Nigel & Dale out at my place