Thursday, September 2, 2010

28mm Austrian 7yrs wars dragoons finished

I took  the afternoon off today and finished painting the Austrian draggons that i've been working on this week. I think that they have come up quite nice. These front rank figures are very nice to paint they have really nice detail with nice smooth edges. I'm looking forward to starting the next 12 cav.

I will still do a final check to make sure that nothing has been missed
or chipped then i will base them tomorrow.

Doing cavalry is one of my favourite things to do. As you can see the standard bearer doesn't have his flag this will be added later


  1. These guys look great Kent,
    It would be cool to see them all based up with their standard.

  2. you will see them based and finished all this commission includes basing

  3. fantastic work there Kent a bet the client will be chuffed BTW you need to edit your TXT you have sraggons not dragoons

  4. Great looking unit. Outstanding job. Love the grey/white horse especially.