Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Son asked me if i can please paint this 40k Eldar Jetbike for him

When i got these figures off a mate the Eldar models were in pretty bad shape i had already fixed and painted the one in the background, so i pulled it to bit washed it undercoated it in black and then airbrushed  a few fine layers of red before doing the rest by brush, I drilled out the bottom of the craft where the stand is attached because it was far to lose, then using a garden watering system wee plastic plug that is used to fill a hole, i put a new hole drilled into it inserted this in and supper glued it this plastic will not wear so the stand should now stay firm.
 the shot below is obviously before attaching the top, 


  1. good job, i bet your sons happy with that!

  2. Greetings from Fiddle Wood, Norwich Norfolk,UK! Lucky Lad,yes indeed,but why not give him a special brush, and the paint to dip it in? Then you can both have some fun. Nice Blog,Great Stuff! Beano Boy

  3. He does paint a little bit but doesn't seem to enjoy it that much