Wednesday, November 16, 2011

last night lasalle down the club

 Craig and i lined up the forces once again down at the club last night i was attacking so Craig set up his forces on the right and left hand sides of the table one artillery battery each side most of his infantry were deployed on the left hand side.

 I deployed  on the far left and in the centre just out of the view of his artillery those russians with there extra guns can make a real mess of my troops
 first round my artillery gets hits on Craigs far right infantry, I then send the boys marching up the flank and i sent my centrebattalion straight up the middle all seems well
 Craig unable to get any shots limbers up and moves his guns up my right flank this could be trouble
 My left flank draws nearer to distruction I manage to just hold this side which is not the best when i was the one attacking Craig was about to send in a unit of infantry and cav to finish me off when i jumped out of the building in the middle so he kept the units back to deal with them instead.

 Everything seemed to be going well but after this shot Craig fires canister and also gets hits in defensive fire and in the assault knocks me back. I end up losing two out of three Battalions on this side and decide that its not wise to run down the edge of the table as i couldn't maneuver. Craig used his guns and musketry to slowing destroy me
just right of centre turned into a slug fest with noone really getting the upper hand i lost a Battalion to Heavy cav Craig lost one to my infantry i then lost on in the corn fields below but by then my dragoons were crossing the 
these poor lads end up as mince meat to a combined attack of heavy cav and the Battalion to the right
Go the dragoons (i see you Russian guns and raise you 4 Battalions of Dragoons) here i come

I was hit twice by canister 20 dice in total but you can't hit us all so time to die
here they are

now they're gone

I wasn't to get much further as it was time to go

Craig's heavies came charging down  and hit me and then bounced  my two units but i survived to fight another day
It was a fun game but sadly i lost 8 points worth of infantry to Craigs's 3 points for one infantry and guns


  1. Great looking game & figs. Nice write up too. Best, Dean

  2. Great write up

    Already looking forward to next time...


  3. Great looking game guys. Nice write up to Galpy.

  4. "Un petit bonjour de France"...very nice pictures, great french dragons!
    Phil, from

  5. Very good BatRep, I am guessing you like Lasalle? :) I am hoping to get a game in soon myself...


    Oh yea, I was missing my Romans so much I ordered the "The Legions of Rome" army deal along with Hail Caesar rules... 175 mini's in total.

  6. I guess I should have said from warlord games...that's what I get for doing this right after I got


  7. Great looking wargame, the pictures are very good.



  8. Great to see the figures on the table, the painting really looks good!!


  9. Good looking game and blog. How you finding Lasalle? I'm a General de Brigade man myself but always on the look out for something shinier!
    cheers, warpaintjj

  10. fun game but finding that i still haven't got my head around it yet

  11. A very good loking game, with a great number of models!!! Very nice. In our club we are using "Black Powder" for our Napoleonic games but Lasalle appears to be a very good rulebook.